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With Volume 15 of Aquatic Mammals, then Managing Editor Dr. Victor Manton created an index for the first 15 volumes of the journal. This index included authors and subjects for articles published in the journal. In keeping with Dr. Manton’s approach, we have created two additional indices – one for Volumes 16 – 30 that is an author index and one for Volumes 31 – 40 that contains both an author and keyword indices. These files are available for free to interested readers. We will continue to add indices for Volumes 41, 42 and forward about every two years. Click the links below to obtain a PDF copy of each index!

Victor Manton’s First Index

Volumes 16 – 30 Author Index

Volume 16 – 30 Key Word Index

Volumes 31 – 40 Author Index

Volumes 31 – 40 Key Word Index

Volume 41 Author Index

Volume 41 Key Word Index

Volume 42 Author Index

Volume 42 Key Word Index

Volume 43 Author Index

Volume 43 Key Word Index

Volume 44 Author Index

Volume 44 Key Word Index

Volume 45 Author Index

Volume 45 Key Word Index

Volume 46 Author Index

Volume 46 Key Word Index

Volume 47 Author Index

Volume 47 Key Word Index

Volume 48 Author Index

Volume 48 Key Word Index